About xdal.org

xdal.org was created in 1999 after I realized that I wanted a permanent place online for all my needs and I could create that environment easier and cheaper that I would find it (if I could find it). I had some initial hardware that I had installed in my house as a simple linux router to allow me to have my cable modem installed in the basement so I could easily move my desktop computer wherever I wanted.

xdal.org is run out of my basement as a service for myself, my friends and family. It is wholly supported by donations of hardware and technical services from them. Some hardware needs to be purchased separately and comes out of my pocket.

If you are involved with xdal.org and would like to make a donation to the hardware fund, that would be greatly appreciated. You can do so here with PayPal.

xdal.org has come a long way. It started as a Pentium 120 with 64mb or ram, a 3Gb disk, two ethernet cards, an 8 port hub and a cable modem. Today, xdal.org is much more powerful. James donated a PII motherboard and case early on which were only replaced in the summer of 2003. That's when I went to an auction for a computer company that went under. I acquired a great deal of hardware to put together a new desktop machine and xdal.org is now a PIII 450 with 386Mb of ram and a total of 88.6Gb of disk space. All of this is protected with an APC UPS.

xdal.org has come even further than that. It has been upgraded several times since 2003. Here are the current specs:

CPUAMD Athlon XP 1200
Disk Space334GB
Online Backup296GB

Wish List

Here is a list of the things I'm looking to acquire, and what I need them for:

Item # Total Cost What Its For
SATA Controller 2 $50 LVM/RAID project
320 GB WD SATA Drive 4 $650 LVM/RAID project

Thanks for visiting!

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