(well, sorta)

I don't want any more phone numbers. Right now, I have 6 phone numbers. SIX. That's insane. How many Skype IDs do I have? 1. ONE.

I don't want a phone. I want a device that allows me to connect to the services I want to use. Those services are on the Internet, not some telco network. I want a network that provides me access to that, and that's it. I don't want SMS, I don't want MMS, nor do I even want the voice calls. I just want a device that connects to a network. In the future, maybe that network isn't even owned by the telco (kinda like the evolution of how people access the Internet).

So please, network operators, just give me access. Always on access. I want you to be like the highway network. I'll drive whatever car I want, or maybe I'll ride a bicycle, but you can't force me to ride a stationary bike on the back of a flatbed truck just so you get the revenue for the gasoline. Build and maintain the road. I'll do the rest.

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