I hardly ever have any time to actually edit this page, but here are a few things that I have that may be interesting to you.

Our Photo Album
There are a LOT of pictures on here... enjoy. Some day we'll put in the pictures we've scanned from old-fashioned style printed photos too. That will be a chore.
The Best Calendar Anywhere
Just have a look... it's actually useful as opposed to most calendars.
Free Fund-Raising Thermometer
I made this for my Dad. He kept needing to "photoshop" his images for his foundation so I just made it all automagic.
Random Rants
Yes, sometimes I rant about things...
My Resume
It's never up to date, and its looking more like a Curriculum Vitae these days.
I like to play Ultimate. I've been playing since about 2001, but I still can't run. I do throw a mean forehand though!.
Bands I Like
I like music. For the most part I buy CDs and rip them to FLAC.

My other ongoing project is to make all the web stuff I have compliant with XHTML 1.1. It's making things really nice. Yes, I am a geek ;)

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